May 21, 2014

Fewer, Better Travel: Memorial Day Weekend

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Handcrafted in Turkey, this chocolate brown leather carry-all redefines traveling in style. Its compact yet structured design and size make it perfect for the weekend getaway. Comfortably fitting 2-3 outfits (jeans, tees, a dress), a couple pairs of shoes (flats and heels), a cosmetics case, and a few accessories, this is the bag you want to escape with. Available to ship immediately - in time for your Memorial Day travels! - at

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May 8, 2014

My Case For Fewer, Better: Flowers

#fewerbetter #bloomthat #cuyana

By David Bladow, Co-Founder of BloomThat (above center)

“After 51 years, I’d still do it all over again.” – Note from BloomThat customer to his wife

Fewer, better is what allows us at BloomThat to execute. It allows us to specialize and focus on details and consistency. As companies scale and start pumping out more and more products everyday, it’s easy to lose sight of each individual product and how that product is connected to each individual customer… in flowers especially, every bouquet matters to someone.

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